At Fayer video, we’re passionate about bringing stories to life through our human-centric approach to video production. Our versatile “Renaissance man” philosophy allows us to craft a wide array of content, from marketing and event videos to documentaries and educational pieces, with a unique blend of creativity and technical excellence. Based in Maastricht, we pride ourselves on our local roots while also serving clients across Aachen, Cologne, Düsseldorf, and beyond. Our dedication to quality, innovation, and empathy ensures that every project we undertake is not just a video but a memorable experience that resonates with audiences worldwide.

Our team


Camera & EDIT

Leo is the heart behind Fayer Video. As our founder and lead videographer, he has a hand in everything from directing to editing. His journey into video production started from a passion to tell stories that matter. For Leo, it's more than just video making; it's about capturing moments that speak to people. Approachable and dedicated, he's the go-to guy for turning creative visions into reality, ensuring every frame tells a story distinguishing Fayer video's work in the industry.



Alex is the backbone of Fayer Video, working tirelessly behind the scenes to bring our projects to life. As our producer, she handles everything from event videos to social media content, ensuring each step of videoproduction runs smoothly. Her work might not always be visible, but it's crucial—Alex's careful planning and coordination make the complex process of making a video look easy. She's serious about her role, but approachable, making sure every project is a success from start to finish.



David, Fayer video's audio and edit specialist, masterfully combines sound and visual elements to enhance each project's impact. His keen ear for audio and meticulous attention to detail ensure that every video not only looks great but sounds perfect. A key player in our team, David's passion for storytelling and technical skill enrich our productions, making each one a memorable experience for the audience. His commitment to quality and innovation is evident in every project.

Why Us?

Humaneness and Professionalism

At the core of our values is a deep respect for the individuals we collaborate with. We believe in a results-based approach where the client's satisfaction is paramount.

10+ Years of Experience

With years of experience in the video production industry, Fayer video brings a depth of knowledge and skill to every project. Our long-standing presence has honed our ability to adapt, innovate, and deliver exceptional quality that stands the test of time. Trust us to bring your vision to life with unmatched expertise.

Results-Based Approach

Fayer Video stands out with our results-based approach, where creativity meets strategy to drive real outcomes. We blend data-driven insights and innovative storytelling to not only meet your goals but exceed them, ensuring every project is a step towards your success.

Our Address

Anjelierenstraat 40 6214SW Maastricht